Claudia was brought to FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital without a hair on her body. From ear to toe she was raw, blistered beyond belief. But what a spirit she had and a determination to live.

One day a woman visited the hospital after having recently lost a beloved pet. She saw Claudia and fell in love. She asked her husband to come with her to the hospital to meet Claudia.

His response, "Not on your life."

But finally he agreed and it was instant affection.

When Claudia was well enough to go to her "Forever Home" she immediately became her dad's lap dog. Evenings finds them comfy on the sofa watching television, Claudia nestled in his arm.

If you would like to be a special part of an abandoned animal's life please visit one of the sites listed on the right. There is nothing more gratifying than to SAVE A LIFE!

And in so doing you just might save your own life.


If you are unable to accept the long-term commitment for adopting a pet then please consider our foster program.

ARK’s foster program is one of the most important means of saving the lives of endangered pets. When we receive animals for rescue we must locate a loving foster home until a permanent home is found. If a foster home isn't available we have to place the animal in a kennel. While a kennel provides a safe haven it surely doesn’t provide the love and companionship of a foster home. On a more practical level the financial burden of housing an animal in a kennel is significant.

ARK has a network of foster families that provide a wonderful service to the animals fortunate enough to be placed with them. These families constantly tell us how having the love and companionship of these temporary pets improves their lives. If you'd like to play an important part in saving these innocent and abandoned pets please contact ARK for further details.